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#2 Strengths-based approach #2

Learning Objective

To explain Strengths-Based Positive Education

SuCcess Criteria

SC# 1

I have deconstructed a Strengths-based approach

SC# 2

I have identified my top 5 strengths 

SC# 3

I have devised how I can use my Top 5 strengths in my subjects


A strength-based approach is a strategy educators can use to identify what works well for a student. What they know, what they can do, and how to use this for further development. These strengths and competencies include physical, intellectual, and interpersonal skills. So, what are you strengths?

Activity- I'm a Survivor

Strengths Survivor – You’re stranded on a desert island with only your strengths to rely upon. In your group, list the ways your highest strengths will help you survive. Now think about if your group was on the island together, how could you work together to survive?

Student stuck on a stranded island.jpg

Reflection: Listening to your group share their strengths and how they could use them to survive, what strengths did you wish you had that you saw in others? How could you exercise these strengths?


Deconstruct the strengths-based approach

The strength-based approach focuses on recognizing and utilizing an individual's strengths rather than dwelling on weaknesses. This method promotes self-worth and confidence by encouraging people to build on their inherent capabilities. Additionally, it considers environmental factors and systemic imbalances that may impact the individual, identifying constraints that hinder growth (McCashen, 2016).

Rapp et al. (2008) outlined six key principles for implementing this approach: setting personal goals, assessing strengths, leveraging environmental resources, using appropriate methods for different situations, fostering hope, and promoting informed choices. These guidelines help practitioners integrate the strength-based approach effectively into their practice.

Activity: Looking at the 6 principles you are to apply 


Identify your strengths

Explain the VIA test

Link to test

Activity: test



Devise how you can use your strengths

Explain why understanding your strengths are ideal for working better in classes

- subject selection

- Connecting with teachers




Ticket to leave

SC# 1?

I have deconstructed a Strengths-based approach

SC# 2?

I have identified my top 5 strengths 

SC# 3?

I have devised how I can use my Top 5 strengths in my subjects

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