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#2 Strengths & Self PerSPective - The Elements #2

Learning Objective 

To re-define each strength in my Top 5
analyse how my strengths contribute to my behaviours and wellbeing

SuCcess Criteria

SC# 1

I have re-programmed my chosen Top 5 in order to  set a goal 

SC #2

I have defended my wellbeing practices by stating how they support my strengths

SC #3

I have expressed how i feel about my signature strengths through the self -perspective lens


The 24 Signature Strengths that you filtered through in your survey are based on a lot of research through the VIA team and used globally in surveys everyday. These Signature Strengths are not the only strengths and we don't need to rely on the results to be the be all and end all of your identity.
Imagine that your Top 5 strengths were individual super heroes?  

Watch the video ->

Activity: Captain Planet

1. Naming each of your Top 5, how might they play out in super powers in everyday life?

2. What is something recently that has gotten in your way? A challenge to your core values? How have you Top 5 enabled you to overcome this challenge?

3. When your Top 5 combined, they make you, the Ultimate Super Hero? What is a moment that you've been really proud of where you can see your top 5 strengths being activated?

Reflection: If you saw your strengths as super powers, what would you do first? If you could change a strength, which would you want to change and why?


Re-Program your Strengths

Good cakes are made with some of the best ingredients. Some individuals search far and wide to find the best ingredients, sourced from the best places to make the best dish. Others believe it is how you use or care for the ingredients rather then the source, whilst some argue that it is how you use them in your methods. Either way everyone ends up making the same dish with their own flare and a little bit of themselves invested in the dish. 

Can you articulate how 'strengths' could mimic this statement above?


You are the cake! However, we need to figure out what kind of cake you are. So, you're going to source your own ingredients for your strengths and recreate your top 5. This will be the new Top 5 moving forward. It can include any of the 24 strengths and be placed in any order.  Let's go.


Stand up for your Strengths

Watch this!

Whether you love or hate debating, we want to learn how to defend ourselves, because if we don't, who do you think is going to come fight for you? Let's watch this video for some clues about debating, and then we are going to write a debate 'FOR' our selves and why our signature strengths support our wellbeing.


1. What is wellbeing?

2. What activities might one do for wellbeing?

3. Looking at your Top 5 how would one 'rejuvenate' these strengths when they are low? 

ActivityYou are now going to spend some time writing out a debate and present to your Mentor. You will have 10 mins to plan using the document provided. Stand up for what you believe in, that's you! 
Topic: SIGNATURE STRENGTHS DO NOT serve any purpose to the individual


Want to take this further? Write out  this speech for the opposing side, stating why your signature strengths are not in support of your wellbeing and see if you need to re-set some of those beliefs or re-arrange your signature strengths.



Strengths and Self Perspective

Today we have explored your strengths and how you see yourself (Self Perspective Lens) Moving forward, you want to know that these strengths are what makes you a super hero. You are the best and most intelligent person when it comes to you and what you need and want. However, it is very helpful to take on advice from positive mentors and relationships. Generally though, we need to learn the lessons required to strengthen our knowledge of ourselves and of what we want and where we want to go.


1. Looking at your signature strengths and you how do you feel towards these?

2. Knowing that these signature strengths make 5 powers into a super hero, can you see yourself through a different lens?

3. What do you think you're going to do next with your signature strengths?

DId We achieve our SC?

SC# 1

Have I re-programmed my chosen Top 5 in order to  set a goal?

SC #2

Have I defended my wellbeing practices by stating how they support my strengths?

SC #3

Have I expressed how i feel about my signature strengths through the self -perspective lens?


Notice throughout the week when your strengths make be so strong, they can become a challenge?


Try meditating for 5 mins everyday allowing your thoughts to reflect on your strengths positively


Complete the Core Values Survey - Emailed

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