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#1 Discovery - The Elements #1

Learning Objective 

To paraphrase the 'Self-Perspective Lens' section of the Telescope lens theory
To correlate my top 5 to my self-perspective lens

SuCcess Criteria

SC# 1

I can paraphrase the Telescope Lens Theory 

SC #2

I have documented definitions for my Top 5 Strengths

SC #3

I have assessed how my Top 5 contribute to behaviours that relate to my identity 


Where I am at today.

Start by identifying with your Mentor where you're at today. Take a moment to reflect on what has happened to you today, what you're bringing in to this session and what you'd like to leave. This 'check in' is a great mindful activity to come to meetings/classes/events as who you are, without apologies or the need to 'pretend'. Let's start truthfully.

Activity: Strengths and Identity

1. Recall you top 5 Strengths

2. How did you use these top 5 to demonstrate a way of showing up positively?

3. How did you use one of your strengths to choose how you reacted positively to a stimulus today?

Reflection: Do you think how we feel is a choice?

Do you think, how we react to stimuli is a choice?


Analysing your Strengths

Over the next few weeks throughout The Foundation Course, you will learn and explore the Positive Lens' of:

The Self Perspective: The way we perceive ourself and what make up we have and choose to embrace or move away from

The Community Perspective: How we present ourselves to our community and immediate connections

The Global Perspective: How we want to place ourselves in the world and how the world reflects in us.

Each area allows us to navigate your identity and how you are represented by your own strengths and values. How you see yourself, how your project yourself to the world and how the world and community see you. We do this through the use of Positive Education methods, that allow you to apply these in your day-to-day experiences, particularly through your schooling. We identify the blocks and challenges and work to move through and over these to allow you to build better resilience, awareness, and most importantly perspective, in a positive way. 

By exploring these areas you are more likely to find your pathway to achieve your objectives.


Bem, D. J. (1972) shared that the 'Self Perception Theory' is judged by our external actions. 

Lets explore the following questions:

1. What does the ideal you look like?

2. Describe yourself in 3 words?

3. What is your biggest weakness?

4. What is your biggest strength?

5. What do you want your self to be perceived as in 10 years?

Before we move on. Can you paraphrase the Telescope Lens Theory in your own words?


Defining My Strengths

We are now going to review your Strengths Profile Spread and together we are going to define your domains and strengths. This is to look at your strengths from your own perspective. 'The Self-Perspective Lens', you can use the sourced definition to bounce off, but try your best to discover what you think the strength means to you.


Take some time to work through this simple exercise together, in order to understand what these strengths are to you and how they may be present in your day-to-day actions.


Follow the link here to commence your worksheet.



Self perspective and Strengths

Looking at your top 5 strengths, or any of your strengths, how do they show up in your everyday behaviour?


Discuss with your Mentor how you see these strengths in your everyday actions by asking:

1. How might someone display 2-3 of your top 5?

2. How might someone perceive that person?

3. What is the opposite of each of these strengths?

4. Do you see these strengths in your parents/guardians

Beauty is skin deep, but our strengths demonstrate more.

The video to the right demonstrates how we can judge ourselves in regard to our looks, compared to that of others. Our strengths are often evident in our behaviours. 

Look at your strengths on your Domain Spread sheet supplied to you by your Mentor. ​Notice what your domains are most significant in, and notice which strengths are more frequently used and classified as 'stronger/dominant' in your everyday actions.

Activity: Self- Perspective and Your Strengths

How does your strengths make up you? You are standing in front of the Telescope, the telescope which is a model of you. At the eye piece is your self-perspective, and as you gaze inside you see your top 5 most utilised strengths in action.  

Set 5 objectives for your top 5 strengths on how you want your 'self perspective ' to feel by the end of this week.

Write this down as an experiment for the week.

DId We achieve our SC?

SC# 1?

I can paraphrase the Telescope Lens Theory 

SC #2?

I have documented definitions for my Top 5 Strengths

SC #3?

I have assessed how my Top 5 contribute to behaviours that relate to my identity 


Seek out others demonstrating your Strengths this week. How does this make you feel towards that person? Why?


Can you share your Top 5 Strengths with your peers. See if they can do the test and how you compare.


To complete the TPM Triage

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