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Welcome to the Positive Mentor. This disclaimer is just to clarify what we are about to embark on and our potential journey ahead.  TPM are qualified and registered classroom teachers who offer 1-on-1, or one to few, mentoring support to help with: i) Guidance and navigation in the classroom ii) Wellness and wellbeing advice iii) career constellation management to help open up ideas of what are possibilities for you and how you can get there iv) Exploration of post-schooling pathways that are lead by our discussions, your signature strengths v) A qualified teacher to talk to that can offer guidance through an educators lens/views/recommendations TPM is not a counsellor or psychologist and whilst our sessions may at times become discussions that you wish to share personal challenges or anxieties, we are qualified to offer advice only as a teacher.  All conversations are confidential unless you demonstrate or share information that may allude to or show harm to yourself, others or cause concern. Your parents/guardians can request at any time to attend these sessions and can request the session notes.  PM's are Mandatory Reporters Mandatory reporters are required to report in relation to significant harm as a result of physical injury or sexual abuse. They may choose, as can anyone, to report in relation to other types of significant harm. (department of families fairness and housing (Nov, 2023) Some of our PM's are Mental Health First Aid trained (Advise if you are qualified). We provide early intervention mental health support to provide mental health first aid support to someone experiencing an emerging or worsening mental health problem or a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves. The advice provided in your sessions is 'advice' and like a Mentor, we can offer all the suggestions and solutions for you, however, it is up to the mentee and their supports to act and apply the advice to seek improvement. We do not follow up on every second of your application of our consultations, and trust that you will be honest and follow through with our guidance. If our program does not suit your needs, or you fail to apply our consulting advice it is your responsibility to communicate this information so we can terminate your program or offer alternative solutions. At no point will a refund be provided for any previous sessions, or payments.

Have you signed your contract? If not, this session will be the last session until your contract has been signed and return to

#1 INTRODUCTION TO Positive Education #1

Learning Objective 

To explore how my strengths can lead to a positive future

SuCcess Criteria

SC# 1


SC #2

Exploring how my strengths  create my self-expression and projection 

SC #3

I have explored the three perspectives to understand the Telescope Lens theory


The 24 Signature Strengths that you filtered through in your survey are based on a lot of research through the VIA team and used globally in surveys everyday. These Signature Strengths are not the only strengths and we don't need to rely on the results to be the be all and end all of your identity.
Imagine that your Top 5 strengths were individual super heroes?  

Watch the video ->

Activity: Captain Planet

1. Naming each of your Top 5, how might they play out in super powers in everyday life?

2. What is something recently that has gotten in your way? A challenge to your core values? How have you Top 5 enabled you to overcome this challenge?

3. When your Top 5 combined, they make you, the Ultimate Super Hero? What is a moment that you've been really proud of where you can see your top 5 strengths being activated?

Reflection: If you saw your strengths as super powers, what would you do first? If you could change a strength, which would you want to change and why?


Exploring your Strengths

TPM uses methods of Positive Education to address your concerns, help identify strategies to overcome these concerns and then, identify and build self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assurance. Today we are focusing on:


Strengths-based approach: Identifying and nurturing your strengths and virtues, such as creativity, kindness, perseverance, and curiosity, rather than focusing solely on weaknesses and deficits.


By focusing on your strengths, it boosts self-confidence and prepares you for future challenges. Therefore, Practicing Positive Education creates a supportive self environment, making you feel more enjoyment about yourself enabling you to learn and grow. 

Activity: Lets explore your top 5-10 strengths. We are going to reorder these to include/exclude the top 5 you most appreciate and then clarify the definitions of each and how they play out in your life with 1-2 examples of each.

Example:  Honesty - Honesty is the ability to be transparent and share the truth. I value honesty because I believe it brings people together for a longer and more trustworthy relationship, that lasts because it is based on truth.



Watch this!

Check out this video and see how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. Whilst this video is looking at visuals, we are going to look deeper and your actions that relate to your signature strengths. After you've watched this video, we are going to look at your strengths to create an identity.


It's important to some to look after ourselves, and have pride on the way we look. This has been known to correlate with those with positive self worth and self- assurance. How would you like to refer to yourself in the future after watching this video?

Activity: We are going to create a Instagram profile (or social Media Profile) based on your top 5 values. What would you put up on your profile that shows the world you?


This is now a personal diary site for you. What might you change?




Today we have explored the Self Perspective Lens. Over the next few weeks throughout The Foundation Course, you will learn and explore the Positive Lens' of:

The Self Perspective: The way we perceive ourself and what make up we have and choose to embrace or move away from

The Community Perspective: How we present ourselves to our community and immediate connections

The Global Perspective: How we want to place ourselves in the world and how the world reflects in us.

Each area allows us to navigate your identity and how you are represented by your own strengths and values. How you see yourself, how your project yourself to the world and how the world and community see you. And we do this through the use of Positive Education methods, that allow you to apply these in your day-to-day experiences, particularly through your schooling. We identify the blocks and challenges and work to move through and over these to allow you to build better resilience, awareness, and most importantly perspective, in a positive way. 

By exploring these areas you are more likely to find your pathway to achieve your objectives.

DId We achieve our SC?

SC# 1

I have organised my strengths into order with descriptions of their involvement in my day-to-day life

SC #2

Exploring how my strengths  create my self-expression and projection 

SC #3

I have explored the three perspectives to understand the Telescope Lens theory


How does your signature strengths reflect your Self Perspective throughout the week?


Can you find a post to share on social media that shows you how choose to use your signature strengths?


To complete your Core Values Assessment

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