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The P  sitive Mentor

The leader in Mentoring Students to  Succeed Worldwide!


The Positive Mentor Program is lead by Kane Felsinger, a Positive Education Specialist with 10+ years of teaching experience (Yr 6 - 12) with multiple credentials.

* Bachelor of Dramatic Art - Melbourne University

* Bachelor of Applied Science/Art - Deakin University

* Certificate in Positive Education - Institute of Positive Education

* Mental Health First Aid Qualified - Mental Health First Aid Australia

* Post Graduate Diploma of Education - Monash University

* Masters of Positive Education and Wellbeing- Flinders University
* Certificate in Teaching for Multicultural Youth - Australian CMY
* Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms - Lexus Education 

The Positive Mentor is high quality  with excellent ways of communicating. My Mentor was very effective in helping me to achieve my goals at school. They were energetic, productive, positive and helpful, and I would absolutely recommend this to my friends.

"I'm so glad that Kane came to connect with my daughter. It is through the work he has helped her reduce her anxiety and increase her happiness during one of the most stressful periods of her schooling."

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I.Bernal, Switzerland

T. Kennedy, China

The Positive Mentor at World Class Schools

I conceived this service out of a personal necessity during my final years of high school. While facing the challenges of that critical period, the guidance received was often cookie-cutter or unfinished resulting in my own disengagement. Additionally, my parents, juggling multiple jobs, trusted the system to have my best interests at heart.


I found myself adrift at University in a Bachelor that was expensive and not what I wanted to do. If only I had a clearer understanding of what I wanted to do when I was in High School and a guidance counsellor that could aid me. I had significant debt after a year of University and felt no further ahead, lacking time and resources to discern my own path.

I was lost and grappling with parental expectations to invest, acquire property, and pursue a 'traditional' career. I witnessed my peers flourishing in their chosen paths. This left me disheartened and with mounting stress I distanced myself further from finding my own goals all while indulging in the transient socialising, further depleting my savings. I rationalised my actions with the notion of deserving a break and accumulated debt.

I completed my first degree, and the initial elation of my parents turned into a stark realisation that my academic achievements translated into neither employment nor enlightenment. I hastily enrolled in another University degree, anticipating greater career prospects. Unfortunately, I found myself one trimester in, experiencing déjà vu of my previous academic endeavours, with employability remaining uncertain.

Due to the rising inflation across the globe, we have reduced our session costs by 10%.
The Positive Mentor for VCE Students
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Fortunately, my journey took an unexpected turn as I landed a role with a professional theatre company and a few television series. This shift not only enabled me to overcome debt but also provided invaluable perspectives. Guided by mentors in the entertainment industry, I discovered my passion for the screen and stage, coupled with unacknowledged eagerness for teaching and learning.

My story may have elements of fortune and luck, but it is underscored by resilience and unwavering commitment to diligent efforts. This commitment extends to my passion for education, where I derive satisfaction from the diligent work of engaging with students, guiding them toward their goals, and relish the intellectual connections that aid in constructing pathways to their aspirations.

I am grateful for the transformative experiences that have led me to create The Positive Mentor Program. This program is designed to support and educate present-day students on the intricacies of secondary/tertiary education, navigating the professional landscape, and the significance of pursuing their aspirations. The Positive Mentor Program also incorporates effective life management strategies, emphasises communication development, and nurtures positive mental health practices. It is my sincere belief that by imparting these vital lessons, the program empowers mentees to thrive academically and professionally, fostering their positive growth and preparedness for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Join me on this journey of discovery and growth as we work together to unlock the potential within.

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