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Teacher, Actor and Positive mentor

Kane is a professional television and theatre actor as well as an experienced secondary school teacher in Australia, UK and China.

It is a dream to be able to bring these two worlds together in order to provide the pathway for students to succeed.


- Bachelor of Contemporary Arts            - Bachelor of Applied Science 

- Bachelor of Dramatic Arts                     - Post Graduate Diploma of Education

- Certificate in Positive Education           - Masters of Counselling

Who is the Positive Mentor?

I am a qualified and registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and registered with a valid Working with Children Check who has been teaching since 2012 in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions. In addition to this, I have been researching the school systems across Australia, UK and China, to aid in evolving the classroom to prepare our students for the future. My focus has been working with disengaged and burnout students with various programs to re-engage with mainstream school to achieve their goals for a successful future.


Outside of education, I am a professional actor who has worked with Australian television series such as Neighbours, Other People’s Problems, It’s a Date and Upper Middle Bogan. On stage, I have performed with Melbourne Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare Company and Queensland Theatre Company in sell out shows that have broken boundaries in the creative arts.


Acting and Education are my passion and having the opportunity to combine the two industries in order to provide the pathway for students to succeed has been a dream come true. I have been researching and working with educators across Australia, China and the UK to build two programs which fill in the gaps our schooling systems are unable to fill in mainstream schools.

  1. The Drama Academy

  2. The Positive Mentor Program


These programs have been in development since 2020, to aid students who felt lost, anxious, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled by school and the school environment. These programs have been developed with the assistance of my certificate in Positive Education at the Geelong Grammar’s Institute of Positive Education, my Master of Counselling, my own experience teaching Process Drama with students in secondary and tertiary institutions as well as the last 10 years of experience teaching in mainstream schools around the globe.

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