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Welcome to The Positive Mentor Program, where encouragement meets growth!


Our program is designed to provide you with the guidance and support you need to reach your full potential. Whether you're seeking academic advice, career direction, or wellbeing and wellness strategies or a friendly ear, our team of dedicated  and qualified mentors are here to empower and uplift you every step of the way. Together, we'll embark on a journey of personal and professional development, fostering a community built on positivity, motivation, and meaningful connections. Get ready to unlock new possibilities and embrace a brighter future with The Positive Mentor Program!

How it works

Our program is bespoke to every Mentee. You work with your Mentor to identify your goals for career, guidance, wellbeing, wellness and even academic by following the four stages below:

The Positive Mentor

1. Exploring and Assessing

Following our initial conversation and discovery session, we embark on the exciting journey of crafting a customised pathway towards your goals. Through a series of enjoyable and stress-free diagnostics, we delve into the exploration process, uncovering your desires, requirements, and skill set. This allows us to pinpoint the tools available to construct a tailored positive pathway that aligns with your aspirations. During this phase, we leverage our time to identify your values, strengths, passions, and challenges. This strategic approach aims to unlock and declutter your mind, facilitating the discovery of your true desires and needs. Our objective is to pave the way for your overall success by navigating a pathway perfectly aligned with your positive and unique journey. Click here to start a free chat with the TPM.

2. Pathcraft: Building and walking the path

Here, we embark on crafting your personalized pathway to reach your goals. As we journey together, we'll identify potential challenges, setbacks, and advantages. Our TPM approach involves building and walking this path through positive education techniques, ensuring you feel safe, supported, and empowered to flourish. This technique is a valuable part of your TPM toolkit, designed to equip you for future challenges. It empowers you to independently forge your own path and overcome obstacles with resilience. Ready to take the next step? Chat with one of the Mentors by sending us an email or leaving a message via the 'Let's Chat!' button below. 

Want to reach your goals?

"Kane has been a great mentor to my daughter. The connection between them meant that conversations flowed easily and she was able to explore matters that she wanted to. Kane was then able to coach her so that she felt able to respond and cope better.

Kane is approachable, knowledgeable and flexible."

Alison - Northern Ireland

The Positive Mentor

3. Performance and Experiment

The pivotal phase where we proudly engage and execute your penultimate goal. The culmination of extensive research, dedicated training, and meticulous rehearsals has led us to this moment, where we set our plan into motion to achieve the desired outcome. In this stage, the collective efforts and preparations bear fruit as we navigate towards the realisation of our goal. Every step taken, every lesson learned, and every practice conducted has been a building block for this significant phase. The journey to this phase has been a testament to dedication, perseverance, and collaboration, and now you're ready to shine as you bring our meticulously crafted plan to life.


This phase is not just about achieving a goal; it's a celebration of the hard work, commitment, and passion that brought you here.

4. Reflection and Launch

In the conclusive phase, we engage in a comprehensive reflection on the journey we've undertaken together, dissecting the successes and challenges encountered throughout the program. We explore the positive impacts you've achieved and strategise on seamlessly transitioning to your subsequent goals. As an esteemed TPM Graduate, you have the privilege of availing yourself for a 'Check-in' session at any time. This exclusive opportunity ensures that you can receive a tune-up and deliberate on your future aspirations with our ongoing support. Eager to propel your success further? Don't hesitate—initiate a conversation with us today! Let's discuss your accomplishments, address any lingering challenges, and strategically plan your trajectory towards future achievements. Your continued success journey awaits, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Connect with us for a meaningful discussion on your ongoing and future goals.

Ready to reach your goals?

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Start your exploration

Taking the free VIA Strengths Survey is the first step to our journey together. This survey is designed to categorise your strengths and will be used throughout our exploration to discover, who you are, where you're going and how to get there.

It is recommended you complete the Micro-learning task before commencing the survey

What is the VIA Character Survey?

The Values in Action (VIA) Survey of Character Strengths is a 240-item face-valid self-report questionnaire intended for use with individuals. The measure uses 5-point Likert-style items to measure the degree to which respondents endorse items reflecting the 24 strengths of character that comprise the VIA Classification.

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